We’re here to give you a boost.

We’re here to give you a boost.

Welcome to Mulanga Naturals, a company that desires to cater to your beauty, health, and wellness needs. We lead with love, honesty and transparency with the sole aim of making you flourish.


Made with love in Cape Town, Mulanga Naturals offers premium and luxurious products targeting specific skin concerns of melanin-rich individuals who are health and wellness conscious.


We aim to help you achieve a state of physical, mental and social well-being through the use of our high-performing, quality products and marketing and educational content. We seek to change the narrative around what it means to be Black, beautiful and healthy, thereby impacting lives.


Our wellness offering will promote healthy lifestyles for a prolonged and fulfilling life through tips on mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and sleep hygiene, aimed at renewing the body, mind and spirit for optimal health outcomes.

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