Our Philosophy

Mulanga Naturals is a luxurious skincare brand that formulates nutritive skin food and endeavors to help you reimagine your relationship with your skin, all while redefining Black beauty and challenging subjective standards of beauty.

Inspired by our rich African heritage and powered by potent natural African ingredients, we formulate products that will make you feel your best self.

Our ingredients are 100% natural and organic because we understand that whatever we put on our skin has a positive or negative reaction to our overall health. Our products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors allowing for smooth, silky and nourished skin. This philosophy is carried across every product range we manufacture, and we take care to make sure we give you the best innovative products possible.

We source locally and it gives us great pleasure in knowing that our baobab oil comes from Venda where it is cultivated and harvested by local rural women, thereby providing them with income.

Our Story

Mulanga Naturals was born in 2016 after a failed and desperate quest to find nutritive skincare made from quality ingredients that were nourishing and catered for melanin-rich skin concerns in the South African market. Our founder, Mulanga, had been diagnosed with eczema for the very first time, and doctors prescribed various dosages of harsh medications that only exacerbated her already dry skin. Having had enough, and with her knowledge of the goodness of natural carrier oils such as shea butter and coconut oil, she embarked on a journey to make her recipes in the comforts of her family’s kitchen. Before long, family members were asking to test the natural oil-based lotions, requesting she make a batch for them. Innately, she knew she was on to something. There was an untapped market craving quality, clean and safe skincare products for melanin-rich skin tones.

She lives in Cape Town balancing life and work.

  • A-beauty

    Everything we do will be grounded in our rich African heritage with products made from raw ingredients and cultivated from the royalty of the earth.

  • Simplicity

    Nothing goes into our creations that isn’t absolutely necessary to restoring the vitality of your skin.

  • Innovation

    All of our creations are lovingly handcrafted with raw ingredients sourced locally for a decadent finish.

  • Honesty and Transparency

    If you experience anything less than transformative results, we will refund your order and provide you with recommendations for skincare alternatives we know and trust.