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Mulanga Naturals

Hydrating Baobab Wash

Hydrating Baobab Wash

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16.7 fl oz / 200 ml

This nourishing body wash is made with wholesome natural and essential oils. It gently cleans without stripping skin.

+ 100% Natural
+ Organic
+ African Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Rooibos Extract
Avocado Oil
Baobab Seed Oil
Sweet Almond Oil

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Why you should use it: A perfect purifying gentle cleanser that cleans without stripping your skin.  Layered with rich carrier oils such as baobab seed oil and avocado oil, it will keep your skin hydrated. The rooibos extract not only has excellent antioxidants that promote anti-aging and boost production of healthy skin cells, but it also has deeply purifying and anti-bacterial properties that will help to reduce common skin disorders such as acne or eczema. 

How to use it: Lather onto your body as needed.

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